Importance of Your Child's First Visit

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children should see the dentist before or by their first birthday. Parents should take their child to the dentist to find out their risks of developing cavities and how to manage to prevent it. Serving Utica Square and the greater Tulsa Area, C. Rieger Wood DDS Inc. can help your child go through their first dental visit.

Importance of Dental Visits for Children

Having your child visit the dentist is essential for the following reasons:

- Drs. Wood and Weilacher can help your child prevent tooth decay (as decay can occur as soon as teeth erupt).
- Parents can be taught how to clean a child’s teeth. Our Tulsa dentists can teach kids how to establish effective oral care habits.
- Children who go to the dentist early and regularly are less likely to suffer from dental anxiety and fear later in life.

What Does the First Visit Include?

First visits are done to get the child comfortable and acquainted with the dentist and the routine of regular dental cleanings. A successful first visit can prevent the development of dental anxiety in the future and can provide the opportunity for identifying potential dental problems before they start. To help ensure a successful first visit, use calm, reassuring language when preparing your child for their appointment. During this first session, Drs. Wood and Weilacher perform a gentle examination of the teeth, jaw, gums, and oral tissues. This examination is done thoroughly to monitor the growth of development of this area and to see if any problems may be occurring. If there is a buildup of plaque, tartar, or stains, a gentle cleaning and polishing will be done. Drs. Wood and Weilacher will also examine the child’s current home oral care routine, and they will advise you on what needs to change to help your child maintain optimal oral health. Lastly, the doctors can provide fluoride to protect and strengthen teeth.

This first visit can be done as a lap exam, where you would hold your child on your lap during your dental exam before they have their own. Our Tulsa dentists encourage this kind of double appointment, depending upon the age of your child and other circumstances, because it helps children understand exactly what it is a dentist does and why keeping their teeth healthy matters.

Contact Us for Your Child’s First Visit!

Serving patients in Tulsa from Utica Square, C. Rieger Wood DDS Inc. offers comprehensive cosmetic and restorative services for the whole family. If you have any questions about how we conduct first visits, or would like to schedule an appointment, contact our dental practice today!

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