Team-Based Oral Health Care

When it comes to your oral health, C. Rieger Wood, DDS and Jason Weilacher, DDS are not the only professionals who are part of your treatment. Several other specialists could be involved in your oral health care, helping resolve gum issues, place dental implants, and serve other areas of dentistry that warrant a specific set of training and education. Working with several specialists as a team is a policy we uphold that helps you develop and maintain the smile of your dreams.

Specialty Dentistry vs. General Services

Not all dentists use the same team-based approach the way our Tulsa dentists do. Some dentists instead take additional training in order to offer a little bit of everything, but are not certified specialists in periodontics or orthodontics, for example. It’s not uncommon for a dentist to undergo training on, and subsequently provide, Invisalign® or another orthodontic alternative, but that dentist would not offer full orthodontic services in the way a certified specialist would.

Going to a general dentist for some specialized procedures is useful in the sense that many commonplace dental needs, such as gum disease treatments and root canals, could be provided in one location with a trusted doctor who is experienced. However, there is also a downside to this convenience: a general dentist can only provide so many services to meet your oral health needs, and these services may not be of the same precise quality that a specialist could offer.

How Specialists Can Help You

By using a team of specialists, C. Rieger Wood, DDS can help patients get the comprehensive dental treatments they deserve for a healthier smile.

Specifically, Drs. Wood and Weilacher work with a periodontist, an orthodontist, an endodontist, and an oral surgeon to create your comprehensive plan. When general gum disease treatments and maintenance fail to stop the development periodontitis, we discuss your case and refer you to the periodontist. This way, you are not only receiving the skill and expertise of a specialist for gum disease treatments, but you are also receiving treatment from someone who is already aware of your unique health needs. The same process allows the endodontist to offer root canals, the orthodontist to provide traditional braces or a cosmetic alternative, and the oral surgeon to perform teeth extractions and dental implant placement.

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C. Rieger Wood, DDS and Jason Weilacher, DDS utilize this team-based approach to best treat the dental needs of patients from Tulsa, including Utica Square and Midtown Tulsa. For more information on how we can best help you, contact us today!

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